Judith by the dam

Judith by the local dam that was strengthened with funds from CAFOD & now has the capacity to hold more water.

CAFOD has been supporting programmes in Zimbabwe for more than 30 years, predominantly through the Catholic Church. We work in partnership with Diocesan Caritas branches, Justice and Peace Commissions and other organisations that are part of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference.

Our work is focused on:

  • Providing vital assistance to support groups for people living with HIV and AIDS, through campaigning and lobbying on their behalf, skills and equipment to boost income, nutrition tips and healthy behaviour advice
  • Offering support to children affected by HIV, ensuring their voices are heard at local and national levels, and ensuring access to essential education and healthcare services
  • Repair and construction of water and sanitation facilities
  • Hygiene education in communities and schools
  • Helping people to improve their livelihoods and income
  • Training in farming and providing seeds and tools to vulnerable families - enabling them to reduce their dependency on food handouts
  • Increasing communities’ participation in governance - vital for ensuring people understand they can voice their needs and interests to those who represent them.

We have funded the repair of two community boreholes in Dingani village. They provide local people, including Judith Zimba, with clean water all year round. It has not only given them a clean, safe source of water, but they have been able to water their crops, insuring they have a harvest, even in times of drought.

I find it hard to bring my children up, educate them and give them what they need. The only way I make money is by selling vegetables and fruit.  CAFOD supplied us with seeds to grow and a fence so wild animals cannot break in and eat our vegetables. Every week I make an extra five dollars. It's not much, but it pays for essentials like rice, soap and school books."

Judith Zimba

Judith Zimba

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