CAFOD's work in the Middle East

The Middle East is the birthplace of the faith traditions of over half the world. But ongoing conflicts in the region are a threat to regional and global security.

CAFOD works across the Middle East to:

  • ensure people can live in dignity and peace, free from violence
  • help families trapped in poverty to get jobs
  • promote the particular needs of women and young people
  • respond to natural disasters and conflicts, such as the present Syria crisis
  • train young adults – both Christian and Muslim - to have an active part in their countries’ future. 

Conflicts in the Middle East, particularly the war in Syria, have killed thousands of people and forced millions to flee their homes in a desperate search for safety. CAFOD is supporting these refugees in Lebanon and surrounding countries, as well as providing shelter, food and warmth to those arriving in western Europe. Find out more about our Refugee Appeal.

Palestinians living in the occupied Palestinian territory (West Bank and Gaza) and in Israel or as refugees in neighbouring Lebanon are among the Middle East’s poorest and most disadvantaged groups.  We’re supporting local partners to:

  • give legal aid to Palestinian families in the West Bank who face losing their homes and farmland, restrictions on their freedom of movement or violent assault
  • support and train Palestinian women in Israel and Lebanon to be community leaders, get jobs, and live free from violence
  • set up savings and credit groups in Gaza so people can start small businesses
  • give emergency relief in Gaza such as providing safe drinking water to some of the poorest households
  • help migrant workers from Asia and Africa, who also often face exploitation and abuse.

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