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Campaigning is powerful because it addresses poverty and injustice head-on. It tackles the root causes of poverty, not just the symptoms. Thanks to tens of thousands of you who’ve taken part in our campaigns over the years, we’ve witnessed some historic breakthroughs.

Here are some of the wins which you helped make happen:

One Climate, One World

CAFOD Wales participates in the Speak Up For The Love Of... mass lobby of Parliament, the biggest UK climate lobby ever.

In 2015, we responded to Pope Francis' call to care for our common home by campaigning for an ambitious global climate change deal which put the poorest people at its heart. Nearly half of all MPs in the UK were lobbied on climate change when 9,000 passionate people turned up at Parliament to make a stand. CAFOD supporters from all over the country were there in force to speak up about the impact climate change is having on people living in poverty. Later in the year, over 40,000 people in the UK added their names to a global Catholic petition calling for action at the Paris climate change talks.

Public pressure like ours contributed to the agreement of a strong climate deal in Paris, which put the world on the path to a low-carbon future, stated that temperature increases must stay well below 2°C, and ideally be kept to 1.5°C, and reaffirmed the commitment of developed countries to support poorer countries financially to cope with the impacts of climate change.

The One Climate, One World campaign continues. We're calling on the UK government to enable poor communities to get access to the renewable energy that they need to power homes, farms, schools and clinics, and which contributes to tackling climate change. Add your voice now.

Hungry for Change and Enough Food For Everyone IF

CAFOD campaigners en route to Downing Street with 60,000 demands for action on hunger

CAFOD campaigners en route to Downing Street with 60,000 demands for action on hunger

In May 2014 our Hungry for Change campaign came to an end. Over 60,000 of you joined us in asking David Cameron to take action to help alleviate the suffering of the 870 million people who don't have enough to eat.

During the campaign, you encouraged rich country leaders to pledge £2.7 billion to tackle child malnutrition between now and 2020; you helped secure a commitment from the UK government to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on international development aid (see below); and thanks to pressure placed by you, a hard-won reform of EU law was agreed, requiring large, publicly-listed companies in all EU countries to be more transparent. This will include some global food companies, bringing us one step closer to a fairer food system.

Find out more about what the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign achieved in 2013>>

UK keeps aid promise

Make Aid Work campaign launch in Kenya in 2007

Make Aid Work campaign launch in Kenya in 2007

On 20 March 2013, the UK became the first G8 nation to commit to spending 0.7 per cent of national income on international development aid. This announcement has been 43 years in the making and Archbishop Desmond Tutu paid tribute to CAFOD campaigners for their “tireless work” and “steadfast refusal to accept the status quo”.

You have helped change political thinking on aid. Despite tough economic times, you persuaded all three main political parties to back the 0.7 per cent target. In May 2015, MPs from all parties voted in favour of making this commitment legally binding. This should now mean that the 40-year-old aid target is put beyond politics now that it is enshrined in UK law. 

Thirst for change

Thirst for Change at Westminster Cathedral

Campaigners support CAFOD at Westminster Cathedral with the Thirst for Change campaign

In April 2012, four months into the Thirst for change campaign, the UK government announced increased support to benefit over 60 million people - the equivalent of the entire UK population - over the next three years. Your actions lent weight and influence around this issue at a vital time, and mean that we can keep pressing the government to go further and faster on this issue and on other root causes of poverty.

More transparency for people in developing countries

It’s been 10 years in the making but in June 2013 we welcomed new EU transparency legislation. Finally it will be possible to find out about who benefits from the activities of multinational oil, gas and mining companies and if local communitiesare getting a fair deal for their natural resources.

UK Bribery Act, a major step forward in the fight against corruption

In 2011, CAFOD campaigners lobbied MPs to ensure the Bribery Act came into force, despite delays and big business pressures. UK companies now face prosecution if employees or others acting on their behalf are found to have engaged on bribery anywhere in the world.

UK Climate Change Act

In 2008 the UK became the first country in the world to make emission cuts a legal requirement. As part of our Climate Justice campaign, you lobbied MPs for three key changes – annual checkpoints, more ambitious emission cuts and the inclusion of emissions from shipping and aviation. And we got them all!

Unearth Justice

Between 2006 and 2007, 50,000 CAFOD campaigners used consumer pressure on major UK jewellery retailers, asking them to sign up to a set of golden rules to end the sale of dirty gold. Parishioners in England and Wales created gold petition chains, which were handed into local stores of Argos and Ernest Jones, championing the rights of those affected by mining. As a result, 7 major UK jewellery retailers signed up to the rules, along with 69 more internationally, thanks to the No Dirty Gold campaign in the USA.

Make Poverty History

In 2005 over 700 Catholic parishes were represented in Edinburgh, as over 250,000 people rallied to make poverty history. Globally 31 million people united in this global call to action against poverty. As a result, world leaders pledged to increase aid spending by up to $50 billion and the G8 agreed to cancel some of the remaining debt owed by some of the poorest countries to international institutions like the World Bank.

Jubilee 2000

420,000 CAFOD supporters added their names to the Jubilee 2000 petition, calling for the debt owed by poor countries to be cancelled. This petition was a record-breaker – 24 million people around the world signed it. $110 billion dollars of debt was cancelled, freeing up money for hospitals and schools. A great return for just signing your name!

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