Campaign online

Connect to thousands or even millions of others, spark off an online protest that hits the headlines, and engage more directly with decision-makers than ever before. And with MPs increasingly working online - there’s no doubt that online campaigning is only going to get bigger.

Here's how you can have an impact right now...

Take our latest action

What? Less than £2 out of every £10 of aid spending on energy in developing countries is focused on the people who need it most – poor, remote or rural communities who otherwise risk being left behind. Now it's time to get every MP to speak up for investment in renewable energy that reaches the poorest people.

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Through social networks

What? Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram are powerful tools to have your voice heard and inspire others. They make you part of a global online community and are ideal for tracking public opinion. And they work: it was a 12-hour online uprising in the ‘Twittersphere’ that overturned a leaked injunction barring the reporting of Parliament.

Have an impact. If you use the handle @CAFOD in your social media posts it’ll alert us to your message.

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Have an impact. Get your friends involved in the causes you care about by 'liking' and retweeting posts, images and videos. Publicise an event or card-signing by creating an event on Facebook and inviting all your friends. We're using the hashtag #OneClimateOneWorld for our current climate campaign. Use this and share your passion and faith with the world.

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On a blog

What? Share your thoughts and experiences with us on our Just One World blog. If you're blogging already, please write about our campaigns and link your blog to ours. If you don't have your own blog, you can still have your say: simply click ‘leave a comment’ after reading a blog.

Have an impact. If you have a story to tell or an exciting event to report, contact your local diocesan office to write your own blog on Just One World.

Do it now! Start reading blogs from our partners, supporters, volunteers and colleagues at Just One World blog or send your own blog to your local CAFOD office.

With a comment

What? A growing number of UK readers get their news online these days. News editors and decision-makers gauge public opinion by the reaction to online news stories so, just like writing letters to the editor, commenting on an article helps shape the news to reflect what you care about.

Have an impact. You can offer your support to articles or opinions that align with your cause and speak out against those that don’t. Join in the conversation about issues you care about.

Do it now! Start reading your favourite newspaper online.

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