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Your local MP is your link to Parliament. They influence decisions which affect the future of the world’s poorest people.

By becoming a CAFOD MP Correspondent (MPC), you can help to ensure that the voices of many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are heard in the corridors of power.

Through letters and meetings with MPs, CAFOD supporters have already helped change government policy. We’ve helped secure tough laws to tackle climate change, and ensure the UK are world-leading in their overseas aid contribution.

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Recent MPC Actions

Trade for the common good

On 23 June 2016, Britain voted to leave the EU. One of the results of this is that the UK will be responsible for setting our own trade policy. Our new trade policy ought to promote our own interests, but also overcome poverty, respect human rights and protect the environment. Over 100 MPs heard our message on trade directly from their constituents (over a quarter of MPs) and several have asked parliamentary questions to International Trade minister Liam Fox. 

UK Aid debate in Parliament

In June 2016, you asked your MP to attend the UK aid debate in Parliament and to speak up for the world’s poorest people. UK aid saves a life every two minutes. It transforms communities for good. With your support, there were more MPs attending than there were chairs. 37 MPs spoke up about aid, with 33 strongly in favour, giving a wide range of reasons why aid works; and no MPs actually opposed the size of the 0.7% aid budget. Read more about the aid debate and how your taking action helped MPs keep their promise to aid.

World Humanitarian Summit

Every day on the news there are reports of disasters and conflict. We cannot stand by. As Pope Francis reminds us, “we are one single human family”. World leaders need to think big in offering real solutions to these crises.  On 23-24 May, political leaders and experts from around the globe met to discuss how best to tackle these problems at the World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey. Hundreds of you let David Cameron know it was an important issue to you, and although he didn't attend, your actions were vital in showing the UK government that we demand a strong response to humanitarian crises, and International Development Secretary Justine Greening went on his behalf. Meanwhile, CAFOD played a vital role in representing the voice of the poor at the summit.

Rebuilding Gaza

On the anniversary of the ceasefire of the conflict in August 2015 we asked you to ask your MP to write to the Foreign Secretary and ask them to seek a review of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism which was not helping people to rebuild their homes in Gaza.

At this difficult time, we ask for your prayers for peace in the region. CAFOD condemns the escalation in violence by all sides, and we call on the international community to use its influence to calm the violence and to support the two sides to take the immediate steps necessary, that will lead to genuine peace, based on true justice where both sides can live securely and peacefully.

‘For The Love Of…’ lobby

After the election in May 2015 we asked you to invite your MP to the mass lobby of Parliament on climate change and to come along yourself. On 17 June, over 9,000 people took part and lobbied more than half of MPs so that, as the new parliament started, they knew that their constituents cared about climate change. Thank you to those of you who came to the lobby or contacted your MP. Over the course of 2015, tens of thousands of CAFOD supporters calling for action on climate change, including at the global climate summit in Paris in December. Your voices were heard. Read our response to the Paris climate agreement.

Ask an election question

In February 2015, in the run up to the general election we teamed up with our sister agency CSAN (the domestic social action agency of the Church) to suggest questions you could ask you parliamentary candidates. These questions made sure the candidates knew how important issues of poverty at home and overseas were to their potential constituents. Hundreds of you asked our questions about climate change and poverty around the world and housing and making work pay fairly in the UK.

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