Ways to get involved

Monks and nuns march over Westminster Bridge campaigning for an end to hunger

A religious lobby at Parliament where monks and nuns spoke to MPs about the importance of company reporting

You can put your faith into action in many ways, here are just some ideas. Find out about our latest campaigns such as One Climate, One World and taking action on the refugee crisis.

Sign your name

Signing your name on a petition, email or postcard takes a few seconds, but it shows you care enough about an issue to put your name to it.

The Jubilee 2000 petition, calling for the debt owed by poor countries to be cancelled, was signed by 24 million people including 420,000 CAFOD supporters.

This petition was a record-breaker and resulted in 110 billion dollars of debt being cancelled, freeing up money for hospitals and schools. A great return for just signing your name!

Your campaigning is already making a difference: thousands of you contacted former aid minister Nick Hurd, and he has backed our campaign to bring power to the people. It's a great start. But less than £2 out of every £10 of aid spending on energy in developing countries is focused on the people who need it most – poor, remote or rural communities who otherwise risk being left behind.

Now it's time to get every MP to speak up for investment in renewable energy that reaches the poorest people

Email your MP today

Join an event

Joining with hundreds of other passionate people and making your voice heard can have a huge impact on the world's most powerful figures.

As a Church we have a history of speaking up for the rights of the vulnerable. You may remember – or perhaps were one of – the quarter of a million people who campaigned to make poverty history. Poverty isn’t history yet, but those demonstrations showed our leaders that ordinary people care and won’t stay silent.

Pray for change

Prayer is powerful and it underpins all that we do at CAFOD. Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching and the traditions of our Church, we seek to work alongside the world's poorest people in solidarity and compassion. One way we show solidarity is through prayer, remembering that we are united in one world and one body of Christ.

Find prayer resources to help you reflect on our latest campaign

Spread the word

People hear about our campaigns through you. Share our news, events and petitions with your friends, family and parishes.

Download or order all you need to spread the word about One Climate, One World

Order a printed copy of our campaigning ‘Little Book of Big Ideas’ (CAF2335) by emailing campaigns@cafod.org.uk or calling 020 7095 5692. Find all the answers to your frequently asked campaigning questions.

Join our latest campaign One Climate, One World today.

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