Films: our best picks

Laudato Si': Expore Pope Francis' message about caring for our common home. Download the Laudato Si' animation

CST in three minutes: A brief, fast-paced introduction to Catholic Social Teaching. Download CST in three minutesMore People of God KS3 RE films

Peace in El Salvador: Isabel talks about gang violence and peace-building. Download Peace in El Salvador film

Refugees in Europe - children's dreams: Children on Lesbos describe their hopes and dreams.Download the Refugees in Europe film

Climate change: An animation to use with the One Climate, One World campaign. Download this climate change film

Oscar Romero: Explore the life and legacy of Oscar Romero, and celebrate his beatification in May. Download this Oscar Romero film

Emergencies: Information about emergency situations and CAFOD's response around the world. Download this emergencies film

HIV and AIDS: An animation to explore this important global issue. Download this HIV and AIDS film

Faith in action: Find out about CAFOD's development work in this animation. Download this faith in action film

The monkey and the fish: An animation to explore why CAFOD works in partnership around the world. Download the fish and the monkey film

Heart unto heart films: See how UK Catholics are putting their faith into action. Download the heart unto hearts film See more HEART UNTO HEART films

Sport and peace: From handball to football, see how is sport being used as a development tool. Download this sport and peace film

Food: Explore issues of food poverty in this animation. Download this food film

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