Celebrate with CAFOD

Whatever your special occasion, you can include CAFOD by asking your friends and family to make a donation instead of - or as well as - buying you a gift.

We'd love to see the pictures from your celebration, so please share them with us by emailing events@cafod.org.uk

Online pages

By setting up a Justgiving page, you can raise funds at your wedding, birthday party, your baby's christening, or at any other special event.

Why not use examples from our World Gifts range to bring your page to life and show your guests what an amazing difference their donation could make?

Wedding favours

If you choose to make a donation to CAFOD instead of buying favours for your guests, here are a couple of lovely DIY ideas you can use:
Charitable wedding favours
Donation cards
(please be aware that CAFOD is not responsible for content on these sites!)

If you'd like a copy of the CAFOD logo or you want to make your donation, please get in touch at events@cafod.org.uk or on 0303 303 3030.

Celebrate with CAFOD

Include CAFOD in your celebration by asking your friends and family for World Gifts

Ask for World Gifts

Ask your friends and family to buy you individual World Gifts, or set up a page for donations towards a larger gift.

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