Lent Appeal 2017

CAFOD's Lent Appeal focuses on Florence from Zambia who was given training in fish farming and business skills.

Florence turned tiny fish into a future for her children. You can make such transformations possible by donating to CAFOD's Lent Appeal 2017.

We gave Florence some fish. She turned them into a future for her children.

Will you donate to CAFOD's Lenten Appeal and help transform little fish into something amazing this Lent?

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The CAFOD Lent Appeal will start on Ash Wednesday and run throughout Lent. CAFOD Lent Fast Day 2017 is Friday 10 March. Find resources for Fast Day

What’s the Lent Appeal about?

Whether you want to make a one-off donation today, give something up for Lent, or would like to donate regularly, every gift will help hardworking people like Florence in Zambia do amazing things...

Lent Appeal 2017: Florence and the little fish

Florence is 41 and lives in northern Zambia. When her husband died in a mining accident, she struggled to make a living.

Thanks to donations like yours, CAFOD's partner in the area, the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, gave Florence tiny fish - the size of your thumb. They also taught her to build fish ponds and care for the growing fishes – providing a way for her to help herself and her family.

“I thought, ‘I’m determined to do this,’” says Florence. “When I came back from the training, I wanted to help my neighbours as they had helped me in the past. I thought if they were empowered, they would benefit too.”

Why should I donate?

Your donations make the Sisters' work possible. Florence transformed her whole life with just a small amount of help. By donating to our Lent Appeal you can give that help to people like Florence.

The fish Florence started with were the size of your thumb. With her hard work, commitment and dedication, they grew to the size of your dinner plate.

She sold the fish and bought clothes and school books – a future for her children. From just a tiny start, she was about to do big things.

“I can send my children to school now and I can feed my family. I urge you please continue supporting me.”

Give today to help our projects and other people transform their lives this Lent

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