Lent Appeal 2017

Florence in front of her fish pond

Help Florence share her good fortune with CAFOD's 2017 Lent appeal

We gave Florence some fish. She turned them into a future for her childen.

Will you donate to CAFOD's Lent Appeal and help transform little fish into something amazing this Lent?

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Farming in Zambia

Florence lives in Zambia, southern Africa. Like so many across the country, she used to grow just one crop - maize. But drought has affected crops like maize so farmers can't grow enough to sell - leaving them without any income.

She worked on a small piece of land every day, waking before the sun came up to go out and farm, coming back, preparing food for her children, working the land again, all in the hope that she would be able to keep her children in school so that they could have a better life than her.

“I farmed like this for ten years,” Florence says. “Of course, I thought about what I’d like to do if I had some more help.”

Please give what you can this Lent to help people like Florence

The difference a tiny fish can make

Florence however has built a new life for herself and her family - thanks to CAFOD's partner in the area, the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The Sisters gave Florence tiny fish - the size of your thumb. They also taught her to build fish ponds and care for the growing fishes so that they became large enough to sell. And that income meant Florence could buy school books and clothes for her children.

Sharing her talents

Florence didn't stop when she had started earning money. She wanted to share her good fortune to help her neighbours.

"I wanted to help my neighbours becaue they had helped me in the past. I trained them to build their own fish ponds, so they would benefit too."

The smallest gift could do BIG things this Lent

Like Florence, they were able to do great things with tiny fish. One person invested money in new bricks for their home, another saved up to buy a solar panel to light the home so her daughter could do homework at night.

You can give someone that small chance that Florence needed.

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