Donate to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Kue Maya and her two-year-old daughter at a shelter kit distribution by CAFOD partners.  Photo by Jake Lyell for Catholic Relief Services

Over five million people were affected by two powerful earthquakes which struck Nepal in April and May 2015. Help us deliver aid where it’s needed most.

Please donate to our Nepal earthquake appeal

CAFOD and our partners began delivering aid within hours of the first earthquake, and we are continuing to work hard to provide aid to families who have had their lives torn apart.

How can I help?

£21 will provide clean water to three families for a week

£30 trains a mason in earthquake-resilient building techniques

£70 buys enough rice for 10 families for a month

In coalition with our partners, we provided food, shelter kits and emergency supplies to more than 350,000 people across 15 earthquake-affected districts in the first few months. CAFOD’s team on the ground provided technical expertise around water, sanitation and hygiene management, and in the protection of children and vulnerable adults, as well as management support to our partners.

Over the winter, CAFOD’s partners delivered winterisation support – including blankets, tarpaulins, foam mats, and grants for clothing and fuel – to over 37,000 people, to help them through the colder months.

More than half a million homes were destroyed by the earthquakes, and attention is now turning to the massive task of reconstruction. Over the next year, CAFOD and our partners will be reconstructing several schools and supporting thousands of families to rebuild their homes.

CAFOD’s Humanitarian Director Matthew Carter says:

"Hundreds of thousands of families are still living in temporary shelters. With the rainy season approaching there is an urgent need to speed up the pace of reconstruction, so that families do not spend another monsoon under iron sheets and tarpaulins”.

To donate by phone please call 0500 85 88 85

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