World Water Day Raffle 2017

Don’t miss your chance to win one of 48 great prizes in World Water Day Raffle. Our draw takes place on World Water Day – 22 March – and every ticket sold helps CAFOD provide practical support for poor families around the world.

Sandossi washing clothes for her family

Thanks to CAFOD supporters, communities in Nepal now have a clean water supply. Girls like Sandossi no longer need to spend hours fetching water.

The Rasuwa district, in the Himalaya region was one of the worst hit areas during the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. 597 people were killed in this area alone, whilst 30,000 houses were destroyed or seriously damaged, leaving entire communities displaced.

Families would have to spend time fetching water for drinking, washing and feeding their livestock. This burden usually fell on women and girls like 9-year-old Sandossi, who would often spend 10 hours or more fetching water.

Many schools in the area were also damaged during the earthquake, which meant students, some of whom would walk more than 3 hours to school from their remote villages, often had to carry heavy containers of water for the day.

Thanks to supporters like you, CAFOD and their partners could fund a water programme for over 20 schools and 2 villages in the Rasuwa district, benefiting thousands of children and their families.

The community now has access to clean, safe water and have been trained in proper hygiene and sanitation making schools a safer, healthier place for children to learn.

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Don’t delay – the deadline for entries to our World Water Day Raffle is 8 March 2017. Any tickets entries received after 1st October will be considered donations to CAFOD.

The draw will take place on 22 March 2017.

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