Candlelight funds

Just as we light a candle for a loved one who’s passed away, creating a Candlelight Fund in their name is a special way to remember them.

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How Candlelight Funds work

A fund can be a personal act of remembrance or you can invite others to join in. There are no fundraising targets, deadlines or minimum amounts involved: this is your fund and you can grow it in whatever way feels comfortable.

Lots of our funds are now online so friends and family can donate easily and whenever suits them. See an example of a candlelight webpage here.

If there is a particular area of our work that meant a lot to your loved one, we will do our best to accommodate that. Just let us know.

Lily’s Candlelight Fund: a family’s special tribute

Faced with the upsetting death of their baby granddaughter, Frank and Christine wanted to do something positive in her memory; and to offer support to their daughter and son-in-law. Over the years, Baby Lily’s fund has become a beacon of hope for boys and girls in developing countries. Share the family’s inspiring story by watching their short film.

 Follow in the family’s footsteps

If you’d like to create a Candlelight Fund and help overseas communities in honour of someone special, just fill in this form

If you’d like to ask more questions, please get in touch with Roisin Beirne at or call 020 7095 5348

It is reassuring for us to hear how much Kieran’s fund is helping those in need. It gives us strength and a sense of purpose.

Angie and Harish Narotham

Find out more

For more information or to set up a lasting tribute to a loved one, please email Roisin at or call 020 7095 5348 for a chat. Many families tell us they gain comfort and hope from knowing their loved one’s memory and values live on through their fund, as described by the Narotham family who support our work as a tribute to their dearly loved son and brother, Kieran

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