World Gifts

Our charity gift range of virtual and ethical presents all help people living in poverty.

You can browse the full range of World Gifts on our website, or get our help to fundraise towards World Gifts as a school or parish to help make even more of an impact.

Camels that carry

An inspiring project for your parish could be to fundraise together for a World Gifts camel (or three!). That's exactly what the parish liturgy group at English Martyrs in Reading did. Aiming to raise enough for three camels (one for each wise man), they ran a raffle and a 'name the camel' competition - and have now got enough for three and a half camels. Read more of their story

This quirky World Gift is surprisingly useful for poor families. Each camel can supply up to seven litres of milk every day, and any calves can be sold to raise money. Buy the Camel that carries

Stickers that inspire

Buy the Immunise a child stickers for just £14 and you will receive 28 stickers. Each sticker represents a vaccine that could save a child’s life.

Three top ways to use your World Gifts stickers!

  1. These World Gift stickers are perfect for your children’s liturgy group whilst also being an inspiring reward!
  2. Stick them on gift labels or cards to let your family and friends know that you’ve immunised a child in the developing world.
  3. Put them in children's stockings and you will be sure to brighten their Christmas morning whilst also bringing a smile to children in need overseas.

You've helped us plant (more than) 10,000 trees!

Trees for life World Gifts

This Christmas we had a target to plant 10,000 trees here and abroad this Christmas, through the sales of Trees for life. And we've done it! You've really inspired us by providing well over 10,000 trees and counting.

Thanks to all who created their own Trees for life display and raised funds using our community Christmas card.

With your help we have planted 10,000 trees here and abroad! 


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