Christian community in Wales takes action on global hunger

13 June 2013

Supporters of CAFOD, Christian Aid and Tearfund joined together in the blazing sunshine for a Walk of witness around churches in the Cardiff area. 

This ecumenical walk was a chance for the Christian community in South Wales to come together to pray, take action and send a clear message to the world leaders around the global food crisis through the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign.

Gathering at the iconic ecumenical light ship in Cardiff bay in the morning, supporters took the opportunity to start the day with a shared prayer before walking around the Cardiff area carrying ‘IF’ placards and handing out leaflets to the general public.  Stops were made at several Churches en route for the group to reflect and pray together on the theme of world hunger.

Kieran O’Brien, CAFOD diocesan manager for South Wales said “this was truly an inspiring day to see so many people from the Christian community in South Wales come together on this important issue.  We are united in our belief that we can stop global hunger if we all work together to send a strong message to our world leaders.”

Many who had taken part on the day had examples of the global food crisis from their own experience.  “The scandal of hunger is very close to my heart” said CAFOD supporter Roswitha Davies, “I have recently been to India and I have seen how people struggle when the food distribution doesn’t work, when the weather changes because of climate change and when the poorest people really do not know how to make ends meet”. 

The walk also included a stop off at the beautiful Bute Park overlooked by Cardiff Castle.  This was a chance to share a simple picnic, which started with a short reflection on the meaning of sharing as displayed in the early church.  This picnic was then followed by a procession to the Catholic Cathedral, with lots of singing while walking through the busy shopping areas in Cardiff city centre.

“I think today is a wonderful opportunity to be visible, to be a witness and to share with lots of people from all denominations” said CAFOD supporter Frances Ballin, “we hope that the more people that seem to be supportive of this campaign the stronger pressure there will be with politicians for them to do something at the G8 to change the rules on tax evasion and tax avoidance.”

Watch our film of the day above, or find out how you can get involved with the campaign

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