Donate a tweet and help end hunger!

17 May 2013

Only three weeks to go until our rally at Hyde Park, which will see thousands come together to help end hunger. This is our chance. Could you donate a tweet to us to ensure as many people know about it as possible?

The rally is being held in advance of the G8 arriving in the UK. The G8 represent the most powerful leaders from across the globe. We’re encouraging people like you and your friends to come together to tell them to take action on hunger.

Social media is a great way of letting others know about the event. That’s why we’re asking our supporters to donate a tweet or a Facebook post every Sunday from now until the event on 8th June.

Here are some suggestions of things you can share on your social media networks each Sunday:

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And don’t forget if you haven’t registered for the rally on 8th June you can do so online now.

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