Children and young people call for an end to hunger at the BigIF

11 June 2013

London's children in support of Big IF

London's children show their support for the Big IF campaign with fish and loaf hats

Hundreds of children and young people joined campaigners from all over the UK for the Big IF rally in Hyde park on Saturday.

Toddlers, school children and teenagers came to the CAFOD stall to find out more about the campaign against hunger, as the excitement built up throughout the day. Many of them left their mark on the IF graffiti message wall, and could be seen sporting our big fish and loaf hats in support of the 1 in 8 people who go to bed hungry.

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Children and young people wrote messages to David Cameron, explaining why they were hungry for change. Slogans such as "What’s on the menu David?" and "A fair share for all!" were on display throughout the park.

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Jules from St Vincent’s residential youth centre, Whitstable said: "I’m here because I want the G8 to hear what we’ve got to say. We’ve brought a group of young people who wanted to be part of it and to see how they can affect change in the world."

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Jules and her friends and hundreds of other children and young people wore their hats and raised their voices to call an to end world hunger. "We’re hoping the G8 will listen and that we will see a bit more equality in the world and we’ll see people listening and we’ll see real effects in our own homes as well. We’re hoping that it’s going to affect us a little bit and make us more aware of what we’re doing with our own lives," she told us.

Kasia from St Vincent’s was helping out at the CAFOD stall: “We’re spreading the message here, trying to get people to sign the IF campaign on the website and also to sign up to CAFOD things as well. I’ll try to get my parents to sign up as well and to do more for CAFOD too.”

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