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Eight humanitarian challenges for 2017

16 January 2017

Humanitarian crises are on the increase, affecting millions of people worldwide. We take a look at eight humanitarian situations CAFOD will be monitoring closely in 2017.

The Catholic women who organised the first Family Fast Day in 1960 to support CAFOD's first partner, Sister Alicia who ran the mother-and-baby clinic in Dominica.

How CAFOD began Q&A

10 January 2017

CAFOD began in 1960 when a group of Catholic women organised the first Family Fast Day to fund a mother-and-baby clinic in Dominica. Follow in the footsteps of our founders and do something to help the world's poorest in 2017

family of 3 from Syria

Refugee crisis in Europe Q&A

9 January 2017

Information on how the refugee crisis in Europe has developed, and how CAFOD is responding

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