Harvest Appeal 2016: help tackle hunger and malnutrition in Bolivia

27 September 2016

All around the world, Harvest is a joyful time. A time of abundance, thanksgiving, and sharing. In Bolivia, when harvests are gathered, communities come together to share a meal and rejoice with songs and dancing.

But for many, the rejoicing is short-lived.

Harvest in Bolivia

Up on the Bolivian Altiplano – a vast arid plain 12,000 feet above sea level on the edge of the Andes mountains – growing food is a daily struggle. The harvests that are collected are not enough to see families through the year. As many as one in five people in Bolivia are malnourished.

Help beat hunger with a monthly gift

Let the desert and the dry lands be glad, let the wasteland rejoice and bloom; like the asphodel, let it burst into flower, let it rejoice and sing for joy.

Isaiah 35:1-2

For 32-year-old Nicanora, when her harvest runs out, all that is left is a ground barley broth.

“When we eat food that isn’t very nutritious,” says Nicanora, “the children are tired and need a lot of encouragement to do anything. They fall asleep in class. If there’s not enough food for all of us, I’ll give the food to the children and I won’t eat.”

On days like these, Nicanora doesn’t know where the next meal will come from.

Our Hands On project in Bolivia

Nicanora is about to embark on an ambitious journey that can transform life for her family. Over the next two years, she will work with our local partners in the Altiplano to build a vegetable garden, greenhouse, wormery and install irrigation on her land, all of which will help her to grow enough good, nutritious food to feed her family.

Each one of these activities is vital for her farm’s success and building all of them will take time and hard work to carry out. Our Hands On project will support Nicanora with materials and training for the next two years, throughout each step of her journey.

Support Nicanora during every step of her journey


Dreaming of having enough food

Worms in Bolivia

The community in Altiplano, Bolivia, are getting Hands On by learning how to make wormeries, organic pesticides and fertilisers so families can grow more with less land

Nicanora’s dream is for her family to have enough to eat. It seems such a simple wish.

Any donation you are able to give to the Hands On project can help make Nicanora’s dream a reality. A monthly gift can help to buy the materials, seeds and training Nicanora and her family so desperately need.

£2 a month, over 24 months, can build a wormery that produces rich compost

Hands On with Nicanora’s community

With so many others in Nicanora’s community also in desperate need of support, your regular Hands On gift will also support Nicanora’s neighbours. Over the next two years, you will receive regular updates from Nicanora and her community, so you’ll be able to see where your donations are going and how the journey is progressing.

This Family Fast Day, please help realise our vision for a fairer world – a world where all our brothers and sisters can rejoice in the abundance of God’s creation.

Get Hands On this Harvest

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