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12 December 2016

Sreymom presents her business plan

Sreymom presents her business plan for breeding chickens

CAFOD’s World Gifts make wonderful ethical presents for your loved ones. They are a great way to share love and joy not only with your family and friends, but to make a long-lasting difference to people across the world who are living in poverty.

This Christmas you can give someone the wonderful opportunity to set up their own business – providing them with a sustainable income for many years to come.

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Why are people still living in poverty?

In many parts of the world, the changing weather is making it more difficult for farmers to grow enough food to feed their families or to sell for profit.

In Cambodia, where 31-year-old Sreymom lives, 79 per cent of people live in rural areas and rely on agriculture and natural resources for their income. For farmers like Sreymom, the droughts and floods that are common in this area can be disastrous.

When Sreymom’s crops fail due to poor rains or drought, she has nothing to feed her three small children and no way of making money. With no income, Sreymom is unable to afford to send her children to school or fix their deteriorating house.

How can a one-off World Gift provide a reliable income?

In 2015, Sreymom joined a project run by our Cambodian partner, Srer Khmer. Here she learnt new techniques that would help her adapt her farming methods to better cope with droughts and flooding. She also learnt how to breed chickens so she wouldn’t be solely reliant on her crops to bring in money.

Sreymom developed a business plan and was given money to build a chicken house, buy feed and buy all the essentials she needed to raise healthy chickens.

£20 can buy Chirpy chickens, providing a family with eggs to eat and sell.

Two years on, Sreymom can now make money both from farming and from selling chickens, and can support her family even when there are floods and droughts.

Chickens change lives 

Running her own business makes such a difference to women like Sreymom. Her goal to see her children educated and living in a safe and stable home is now within her reach.

Sreymom feeds the chickens she has raised

Sreymom has successfully set up her own business breeding chickens in Cambodia

“I have never been able to raise as many chickens as I can now,” says Sreymom. “I am hopeful that I will be able to make 2,500,000 Riels to 3,000,000 Riels (600 – 700 USD) per year from my own chicken business. Thank you very much for helping me to change my life.”

From chicken breeding, to beekeeping, to carpentry, our Begin a business World Gift can give somebody like Sreymom the opportunity to start their own small business, make it a success and lift themselves and their family out of poverty.

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