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Harvest 2016: How much do you know about Bolivia?

29 September 2016

Bolivia is often known for its tourist destinations – the bustling city of La Paz, floating islands on Lake Titicaca and vast salt flats. But what else do you know about Bolivia?

Harvest Appeal 2016: help tackle hunger in Bolivia

27 September 2016

In Bolivia, when harvests are gathered, communities come together to share a meal. But for many, the rejoicing is short-lived. For 32-year-old Nicanora, when her harvest runs out, all that is left is a ground barley broth. This Harvest Fast Day, find out how you can make a difference.

Brighten Up

26 September 2016

Harvest Fast Day 2016 is Friday 7 October, and this year children and young people across England and Wales are preparing to Brighten Up for CAFOD to help build a brighter world.

CAFOD volunteers share their Fast Day fundraising event tips

5 top tips for Harvest

22 September 2016
World Gift camels

Christmas gift ideas

21 September 2016
Speaking at mass for Harvest Fast Day

Speak at Mass this Harvest

21 September 2016

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