'A day with Musa' book launch

24 October 2013

Russ Brown at St Teresa's

Children's author Russ Brown at St Teresa's Catholic primary school for the launch of 'A Day with Musa'

50 infant pupils from St Teresa’s Catholic primary school in Preston joined CAFOD for a special launch event of A day with Musa –CAFOD’s brand new book for children.

Children’s author Russ Brown shared the book with the children, helping them learn about life in Bangladesh from the point of view of a young boy called Musa. The book, aimed at 4- 7 year olds, follows a typical day in the life of Bangladeshi schoolboy, looking at the beauty and vibrancy of life in Bangladesh through colourful images, and encourages an understanding of the wider world.

Russ Brown, author of 'Poppy's planet!' and 'Monsters in my maths book', said: “The children loved the large colour photographs which transport us, the reader, to everyday life in Bangladesh. It raises the question of difference while clearly showing children how we are all the same – regardless of where we live and what language we speak.”

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After the reading, the children took part in a number of activity stations designed to help them learn more about some of the themes in the book, such as how water is precious, what transport is like, and they had the opportunity to play a traditional Bangladesh game.

Julie Begley, Yr2 teacher at St Teresa’s, said: “The children really enjoyed the book launch. There were lots of lovely activities for them to take part in, and they all had lots of fun taking part in the playground games that children in Bangladesh play. The book, and launch activities, showed them that there are actually lots of similarities between them and the children in Bangladesh.

We do a lot of fundraising for CAFOD, and the event was an excellent way to show the children examples of how the money they raise is being spent and the people it helps.”

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CAFOD works with children and young people in England and Wales to deepen an understanding of global justice, and this new resource in collaboration with Matthew James Publishing is designed to support learning across the curriculum. A day with Musa is available as a big book for classrooms, and a small book for reading at home.

To order a copy visit cafod.org.uk/bigbook

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