Adrian Chiles sees the best gift money can buy

22 November 2013

TV’s Adrian Chiles sees the impact of CAFOD’s World Gifts programme first hand in Latin America. See what happened when Adrian visited the parish of La Natividad in Guatemala, and learned how £30 can save the life of a young child.

Buy the gift of a healthy mum and baby >>

If you’re looking for an imaginative Christmas gift that will not only raise a smile on Christmas day, but change the life of someone living in poverty overseas, look no further than CAFOD’s World Gifts selection for Christmas 2013.

The World Gifts range has been going strong for almost a decade and the Christmas catalogue is now a firm favourite of many, including TV and radio presenter Adrian Chiles. Adrian, who will be hosting ITV's coverage of the World Cup in Brazil next year, recently visited communities in the mountain villages of El Salvador and Guatemala supported by CAFOD, where gifts of vaccines for babies, post-natal care and food for young children at risk of malnourishment can mean the difference between life and death.

Adrian also spent a day seeing how the gift of an £80 chicken farm can help a whole community.

Gifts that make a difference

This year’s World Gifts range starts from just £4 and features more than 40 inspiring and unique gifts from traditional bestsellers such as goats, vegetable gardens and chickens to fantastic new gift ideas including bee-keeping kits, worm farms to help boost crops, and greenhouses. 

When you buy a World Gift, your friends and family will receive a beautifully illustrated card, explaining how their present is helping people in need overseas. Meanwhile, people in poor communities get what they most need for Christmas - whether it's a cow for a farming community in Africa, reading lessons for children in Latin America; or a survival kit for families in the flood plains of Asia.

And if you want to buy a larger gift this Christmas, why not get your school or community to club together and buy gifts such as clean water for a community, education for children, or a business start up pack that will help parents lift their family out of poverty?

This year's range also includes a "finishing touches" line - small additional gifts that people can add to their Christmas cards or presents. Individual meals for children or life-saving vaccines start from as little as £8 for 14 stickers, and orders over £50 will receive a free tote bag.   

You can view the full range of World Gifts here or order your free catalogue by calling 0808 14 000 14. December 14 is the deadline for posted cards and gifts, but e-cards are also available for instant delivery all year round.

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