Joining the Big Share this Harvest

3 October 2013

St Peter's students and the Big Share

Students at St Peter's, Dagenham are taking part in the Big Share.

This Harvest Fast Day children and young people are taking part in the Big Share to raise money for CAFOD. Around the world, one in eight of all men, women and children in the world go to bed hungry. There is enough food to feed everyone but the way it is grown, sold and distributed means that some of the world’s poorest people do not get their fair share.

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Pupils from St Joseph’s Catholic Academy in Aldershot spoke from the pulpit after Mass last weekend to talk about Harvest. Jessica, Adison, Victoria and Brandon volunteered to stand up in front of everyone as part of their Big Share activities to ask for their support on behalf of all CAFOD’s partners around the world. Find out more about speaking for CAFOD >>>

Pupils at St Peter’s Primary School in Dagenham acted out the feeding of the 5,000 as part of a CAFOD led assembly on the Big Share, and were learning about communities CAFOD is working with in Nicaragua. Download the Harvest assembly for primary schools >>>

Students at St Thomas More High School, Westcliff, have also been learning more about food poverty this Harvest and are collecting money for CAFOD this week for their Big Share activity, as well as sharing tinned food with their local homeless shelter. They have also been writing to David Cameron as part of the Hungry for change campaign.

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CAFOD’s school fundraising officer Jo de Paula said: “We’re really grateful for the support of schools taking part in the Big Share this Harvest. The money raised is equipping communities in some of the poorest parts of the world with the skills and tools to feed themselves now and in the long term. People like ten-year old Mayling and her grandmother Marta in Nicaragua, who with CAFOD’s help, have learned how to keep bees. The honey not only gives them energy but they can also sell it to buy food.”

Are you having a Big Share event? Send us your details and we'll add you to our Big Share map >>>

Harvest Fast Day is Friday 4th October. It's not too late to book a volunteer visit for your school to introduce the Big Share. Please get in touch with your local CAFOD office.

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