Chris Bain thanks school fundraising stars

24 April 2013

Schools and Colleges in the Clifton Diocese welcomed CAFOD director Chris Bain on Wednesday 17th April, as he visited four schools who raised the fundraising standard during Lent.

Chris thanked each school personally for their efforts and talked to them about the work CAFOD does with some of the world’s poorest people. Speaking after his visit, he said:

“Anyone who wants to denigrate young people in our society today should look at the enthusiasm, creativity and compassion of the students I met in Trowbridge and Bath this week. They really are an inspiration to us all, and the funds they have raised through their efforts this Lent will make a huge difference to some of the poorest communities overseas.”

St Augustine’s, Trowbridge

St Augustine's give to CAFOD

St Augustine's present their cheque to Chris Bain of CAFOD

St Augustine’s College, Trowbridge raised over £5,300 this Lent. They held a variety of activities, from raffles and sponsored silences to a students v. staff dodgeball competition, a prayer treasure hunt and a PS3 FIFA tournament. Staff and parents were also asked to “donate an hour to make a difference” - to donate the amount they would earn in an hour to the CAFOD appeal.

As well as fundraising, the college community has collected signatures and promoted CAFOD’sHungry for Changecampaign. The campaign calls on world leaders at this year’s G8 Summit to end the scandal of 1 in 8 people going hungry, as part ofEnough Food for Everyone IF -a multi-agency campaign supported by over 150 charities.

 “This has been a massive effort by the whole College community,” says college chaplain Faith Wheat, “from the Students and Staff who organised the events to the finance office staff who counted the donations. We are delighted by how the young people have responded and shown their concern for those less fortunate than themselves.

“That Chris Bain has made time in his busy schedule to come and receive the cheque and thank us in person is a great testament to the hard work which has gone on this Lent.”

St Gregory’s, Bath

St Gregory's give to CAFOD

St Gregory's and their feeder schools raised over £5,400 for CAFOD

St Gregory’s Catholic College in Bath joined forces with nine feeder primary schools for a joint mufti day and a huge array of fundraising activities on the same day in March.

Sponsored events included joke telling, a run and a whole day’s silence by one form at the College. Competitions were also held, including a “guess the teacher from their baby photos”. The schools raised over £3,400: a testament to their enthusiasm and close partnership with each other and CAFOD.

Head of St Gregory’s, Raymond Friel said “CAFOD has always been close to our hearts at St Gregory’s, and working this way with our feeder Primary schools has enabled us to share that concern for the world’s poorest people with the next generation of students. This is certainly something we will be doing again in the future.”

Chris Bain speaks to students

Chris talks to student fundraisers at Prior Park

Chris Bain was so taken by the film made by the St Gregory’s students (above) that he’s asked for it to be shared with CAFOD offices and partners around the world, so they can see for themselves the effort that young people have put in to supporting their essential work.

Prior Park College

Everyone at Prior Park College joined in with Lent Fast Day this year, as the whole college swapped their usual dinner for a simple jacket potato lunch. The catering staff saved £500 from the budget which was donated to CAFOD.

Downside School

Chris’ final visit was to Downside School, where the chaplaincy team students asked him about his work over afternoon tea. Their cheque for £1,300 was presented by the Head Boy and Head Girl before almost the whole school who had gathered to hear Chris’ talk.

The quality of questions at all the schools was very high and demonstrated how the next generation of CAFOD supporters are taking the fight against extreme poverty to their hearts.

Chris answers questions about CAFOD

Chris answers questions about CAFOD's work during afternoon tea at Downside school

Chris reminded all the schools he visited of Nelson Mandela’s speech to the Make Poverty History rally in London in 2005, where he called on the young people of the world to be “a great generation”. Given their incredible fundraising and campaigning, the students of the schools in this area of the Clifton Diocese are already proving themselves worthy of that title.

David Brinn, CAFOD’s Diocesan Manager for the Clifton Diocese said, “I’m delighted that the Schools and Colleges have found such innovative ways of fundraising. Between them they raised more than £10,000 during Lent. I’m sure they will be further motivated by Chris’ talk, drawing on examples from his trips to the very places that this money will be spent.”

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