Climate campaign for schools launched at Brentwood Cathedral

23 January 2015

Young Climate Bloggers and pupils from St. Helen's Junior School launching CAFOD's climate campaign for schools at Brentwood Cathedral

Young people launching CAFOD's climate campaign for schools at Brentwood Cathedral

CAFOD’s Young Climate Bloggers and pupils from St. Helen’s Junior School have launched our One Climate, One World campaign for schools at Brentwood Cathedral.

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The children and young people assembled as a giant heart outside the Cathedral Church of St Mary and St Helen to show that tackling climate change means loving our neighbours. The bloggers and pupils were also joined by the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, who answered the children’s questions on climate change.

Emer, one of our bloggers, said:

“I was inspired to become a Young Climate Blogger because young people are the ones who will make the biggest difference. We’re going to be the ones who are dealing with the consequences of climate change in the future.

“My message to other young people is “get involved!” Your say is the say that’s important. You can make decisions as well.

“I think politicians should listen to young people and then take action!”

Flora, from St. Helen’s, said:

“I’ve learnt that we need to look after our world because if we don’t it will be ruined and there will be some things that we won’t be able to have any more.

“The most exciting part of the day was when we made the big heart out of each other!”

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Lucy Jardine, from CAFOD, said:

“It’s been great to see so many young people from across the country join together to act on climate change – committing to make changes in their own lives and to demand action from politicians.

“The people CAFOD works with are experiencing the effects of changes in climate right now, so we’re proud that our young people are standing in solidarity with others who are being affected around the world.

“CAFOD would like to thank all the children, teachers, chaplains and staff who helped make today’s event such a success.”

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