CAFOD Lent Appeal: Watch how Florence will transform your Lent donation

27 February 2017

Giving something up for Lent?

During Lent and up to Easter, you may be giving up some of your favourite things: tea, chocolate or fizzy drinks. If you are, feast on the fact that whatever you collect from your Lent fast will save lives, give children a future and ensure hardworking people around the world have the chance to live lives full of dignity and hope.

Donate during Lent to our Lent Appeal

Lent Appeal: Turn little fish into something amazing

It’s difficult for us to imagine what it’s like being a struggling farmer in the world’s hungriest countries, like Zambia.

Your tools are very basic, so the work hurts. You will spend long hours on the land. There will be times when you have to ready the soil for planting, so you’ll spend weeks bent over, hacking at the earth. Your hands will hurt. Your back will hurt.

There will be mornings when you need to wake in the dark to scare pests, or to check flooding hasn’t destroyed your shoots. This may make you sick. And if you get sick, you have to go to your crops, or you pay for someone to do the work for you.

If a drought destroys your crop, you have nothing – nothing to sell, nothing to save, nothing to eat.

You will go hungry.

Give to CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day Appeal to lift more people out of poverty

Donate during Lent; work with your sisters and brothers living in poverty

This is the reality for millions of the world’s poorest people who make a living from the land. Florence was like this.

After she lost her husband, she struggled to support her family. She was hired to work on land and barely had enough to feed herself and her children.

She was given 500 little fish the size of your thumb as well as the tools and training to build ponds and farm them. In a few months, she turned these tiddlers into school books and clothes for her children.

This is the beauty of long-term aid that you help to make happen: it gives people the dignity to give their children and their children’s children a future.

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