Ideas for learning, praying and fundraising this Lent

22 February 2017

Children are getting involved in Lent big fish activities

Find out why little fish make a big difference this Lent.

Lent Fast Day is on Friday 10 March, and we are inviting children and young people to Turn little fish into Big fish  to support millions of families around the world living in extreme poverty.

Are you looking for Lent resources for your school, your youth group, or your parish children’s liturgy group? Explore our favourite fishy resources below.

Use our Ash Wednesday liturgy

Explore our assemblies and liturgies to pray this Lent.

Use our liturgy for children and young people to begin a journey alongside families around the world living in poverty, especially those who do not earn enough money to have the basic things they need like food or clothing.

Learn about Zambia

Did you know that the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river is the largest curtain of falling water in the world? Use our country guides for children and young people for research and homework projects this Lent. Find out how CAFOD works in partnership with local organisations in Zambia on long-lasting projects that give people skills, resources and opportunities to cope with disasters and provide for themselves.

Follow our Lent calendar

For daily reflections and actions, download our PowerPoint calendar for children and our printable one page calendar for young people to use during Lent.

Explore our A-Z of fishy fundraisers!

Ready to start fundraising? Our A-Z of fishy fundraising is packed with ideas. Here are our fish fayre favourites:

Fill a fish template with coins to fundraise this Lent.

Explore our A-Z of fishy fundraisers for Lent 2017.

  • F for Fish cakes! A sale of cakes with fishy decorations
  • I for Identify-the-fish picture quiz, matching types of fish to pictures
  • S for Sponsored swimathon
  • H for ‘Hook the fish’ game

Watch and share our big fish animation

Meet a little fish called Bob in our Lent animation telling the story of Florence from Zambia, and one little fish in the pond that she set up with support from our partner.  Can't use Youtube? Click here to download the animation.


Find more Lent resources for children and Lent resources for young people to help them learn, pray and fundraise this Lent. Thank you for joining us this Lent. We'd love to hear about your activities. Send your stories and pictures to and tag @CAFODSchools on Twitter.

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