Cardinal Allen harvest their talents

26 September 2013

Cardinal Allen's Harvest of Talents

Cardinal Allen High School in Fleetwood put their talents to the test for CAFOD's Harvest of Talents in support of Harvest Fast Day

Students from Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood are putting their business talents to the test and boosting their fundraising efforts to support CAFOD this Harvest Fast Day.

A team of 23 students have been given £10 to invest with the aim of multiplying this money by as much as they can. The students’ entrepreneurial know-how will raise vital funds that will enable families in Africa, Asia and Latin America to use their own talents to improve their lives.

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They are part of a CAFOD project called the Harvest of Talents. An idea that is based on the Biblical parable of the talents, which reminds us that God gives us gifts and skills that can be used for the good of others.

The students have been learning about 16 year-old Mari, from Divineia shanty town in Sao Paulo, Brazil.Mari’s involvement with CAFOD’s partner APOIO has meant that despite the many obstacles she faces to get on in life, she is actively working with her community to fight for homes in her area to have regular rubbish collection, affordable water and electricity rates, adequate sanitation and safe, green outdoor spaces.

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Lots of great entrepreneurial ideas were generated from the group during a workshop, from coffee mornings to sponge the teacher events, fun fairs to football tournaments. The group will decide on two events and will meet until the end of October to put them into action.

CAFOD’s school fundraising officer, Jo de Paula said:

“Mari is using her talents to make a difference, and through lobbying and making her voice heard she is learning valuable talents for the future. The Harvest of Talents project is galvanising young people in Catholic schools to put their talents and skills to the test. In doing so, their support will mean that CAFOD can continue the vital work of fighting poverty in some of the world’s poorest communities.”

Good luck to Cardinal Allen!

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