Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 29 March

Katia in El Salvador

Katia works in the school of Hope and Joy in El Salvador.

The hour is here already when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and all who hear it will live. 

John 5:17-30

Do I hear the Lord’s voice? Do I open my eyes to see the Risen Jesus bringing God into my life every day? Is my heart on fire with a passion to bring life to others? Or do I sometimes myself feel abandoned by the Lord? Do I find it hard to shout for joy?

Katia, aged 28, is a psychologist in El Salvador. She works in a school called Hope and Joy in the outskirts of the capital. She works to educate the children of desperate parents who have emigrated to find work elsewhere and left their children at risk of gangs, drugs, prostitution and child pregnancy.

Katia says, “I hope and trust that God will guide me. We should learn to enjoy ourselves and appreciate that life is beautiful, despite all our ups and downs.”


God of gentleness, who never forgets me, help me to remember that Jesus is the way to heaven, to you. I give you thanks for Katia and others like her who believe in you and work unceasingly to bring your Kingdom here on earth. Through her, others experience your love and learn that you never forget them. In the tough times when I feel overwhelmed and find it hard to hear you, help me to remember that you are with me. Amen.


Watch our film below which features Katia and her work building peace in El Salvador. For children who are vulnerable, having a place where they can learn and play in peace is vital. Your school or community could help to provide this with our World Gift of A safe place to learn. 


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This reflection was written by Joy Wanless from Our Lady of Grace parish, Manchester.

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