Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 5 March - First Sunday of Lent

Patrick in his tailoring workshop

Patrick uses his tailoring skills to teach people living with disabilities in Zambia.

The Lord God fashioned man of dust from the soil.

Genesis 2:7-9, 3:1-7

We are God’s special creation. It is God who fashions us and who breathes life into us.

And how do we respond to this great gift of life? When faced with the many choices we have to make, do we respond in the way of the first man and woman in Genesis by being swayed by those around us, or do we try and follow Jesus’ example and put our relationship with God first? 

It is difficult: our culture whispers in our ear that, never mind bread, we cannot survive without the latest mobile phone, TV or car. At times we think the only way to get on is to be seen doing great things and sharing them on social media. What seems to come first is worshipping the gods of our world – be it celebrities, consumer goods or personal fitness regimes. When making decisions, rather than looking to the word of God, our reference point is sometimes “what’s in it for me?”

Lent brings us a time to re-centre our lives, to rediscover what is of true value and life-giving. Perhaps we can be inspired by Patrick from Mbala village in Zambia. As a child he was left at an orphan centre as there was not enough food. However, thanks to CAFOD partners, Patrick completed his education and now uses his talents to teach basic tailoring to people living with disabilities. What motivates Patrick is his desire to share what he has learnt with other people for the good of society.


God of Life, breathe in us once more, so that guided by your Spirit in the decisions that we make, we may choose what is life-giving for ourselves and for all people in our world. Amen.


Reflect more deeply on Patrick's story with our Stations of the Cross and PowerPoint reflection. You may like to use this reflection with your parish or community during Lent.

This reflection was written by Sue Cooper from Corpus Christi parish, Wokingham.


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