How to volunteer with CAFOD

Looking for new volunteer opportunities? Come forward, join other CAFOD volunteers and get directly involved in helping bring poverty to an end.

There are so many opportunities for how you can get involved with CAFOD.  Volunteers help spread our message in Catholic parishes throughout England and Wales and run campaigning events on evenings and weekends, and our Education Volunteers help teach children and young people about issues of global justice. 

What motivates people to volunteer can vary; whatever your interest, talents or time, we need you! Sign up to volunteer with CAFOD and stand with us as we work to end poverty and injustice. 

Volunteer opportunities

Take a look at some ways to volunteer. When you're ready, sign up.

Got questions about volunteering? Skip ahead to our frequently asked questions.


Claire CAFOD volunteer spent a month in Liberia with the CAFOD Step into the Gap programme.

Where you live

Work with others in your local area and help us make an even bigger difference 

Amy Volunteer with Blessing in Ghana

Short term opportunities

Unique, short-term opportunities where we need your help as soon as possible

Why volunteer with CAFOD?

Many things motivate people to volunteer.  Some volunteer to express their Catholic faith, others may want to gain CAFOD work experience working in international development.  Volunteers help tell the story of CAFOD through media and social media, as well as invite others to get involved by speaking at Masses or writing to their MPs. 

CAFOD has volunteering opportunities to suit you whether you want to do weekend volunteering, evening volunteering, or one-off volunteering.  With opportunities all over England and Wales, you can take part near you or further away. 

...the CAFOD group I am privileged to be a part of is made up of such wonderful people...the blessings their friendship and support give me is high reward for volunteering.

Jennifer Smith, CAFOD volunteer at St Joseph's, Bromley

However you get involved, volunteering with CAFOD will give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills which would be great for your CV;
  • Meet inspiring new people, including some of CAFOD's overseas partners;
  • Make new friends in your community and others across England and Wales;
  • Work alongside experts in their field, and;
  • Make a tremendous difference in the fight against global poverty and injustice. 
Do you have any questions about volunteering?  Here are some which people frequently ask:

Does CAFOD just work with Catholics/Christians?

No. Overseas CAFOD works wherever the need is greatest, regardless of religion race or ethnicity.  We’ve signed up to the Red Cross/Red Crescent Code of Conduct which commits us to giving aid on the basis of need. In the UK, we also have supporters and staff members from many religious backgrounds.

Do I have to be Catholic to volunteer for CAFOD?

No, CAFOD works with all people regardless of religious belief.

Do I have to have teaching experience to volunteer as an education volunteer?

Not at all!  While it is helpful if you have previous experience, CAFOD offers all of its education volunteers three and a half days of training on volunteering in schools for CAFOD, as well as twice annual refresher days focused on new resources and activities based on CAFOD's Fast Day appeals.

Can I volunteer with you overseas?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently provide opportunities for volunteering outside the UK. We work largely through local partner agencies and local staff, and the staff that we recruit internationally to work with them are professionals with very specific skills. One of the best sources of information on volunteering abroad in relief or development is the 'Guide to volunteering for development' produced by the World Service Enquiry, which is available from their website together with a lot of relevant information and links.

Do you evangelise/proselytise?

No. We’re not into trying to convert people to Christianity. We don’t evangelise because we think it’s unfair to link receiving aid to having a particular religious belief – we believe that everyone has the right to have enough food to eat, to have clean water to drink and to get treatment if they are ill. Having access to these things shouldn’t depend on what you believe, or on whether you’ll listen to someone else’s views or not. We respect the right of everyone we work with to hold their own beliefs.

How much time does volunteering take?

There's a way you can use the time you have to help us make a difference, whether it's a few free minutes in the day, days in the week, weeks in the year, or more!  Many of the opportunities above can be tailored to fit into your schedule, and we offer limited time volunteering opportunities as well.

Do you offer CAFOD gap year placements?

Yes!  Find out more about how you can step into the gap.
If you have any other questions about volunteering with CAFOD, please email our Volunteering team.

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