Compass report - setting the post-2015 development compass: voices from the ground, 2013

COMPASS 2015 participatory research on how people who are marginalised or living in poverty have experienced change over the last 15 years. It addresses key issues in the policy debate on the creation of the new Sustainable Development Goals. 1,420 people in 56 communities across Bolivia, Philippines, Uganda and Zimbabwe participated.  

COMPASS 2015 is part of the global Participate initiative. It aims to identify the priorities, challenges, visions and aspirations of poor or marginalised people. As the rate of global change accelerates, this report provides an updated understanding and fresh perspectives and insights from participants. It challenges assumptions about what policies work, and for whom.

>> Download the report in Compass report - Spanish version (6 MB) Download file : Calibrando la brújula del Desarrollo después de 2015: escuchando las voces desde la base

>> Download the report in Compass report - French version (5 MB) Download file : Définir la boussole du développement pour l’après-2015: paroles du terrain