How we spend your money

Your support enables us to have a truly global impact, ensuring that no one is beyond reach. In line with our Fundraising Promise, we are committed to being honest, open, transparent, and accountable about where our money is spent.  

Sister Consilia with a child

Local expert Sister Consilia gives vital medication at her health centre in Zimbabwe.

For every £1 that you donate, CAFOD will spend 88p on international development, emergencies, education, campaigning, and advocacy work. 12p will be spent to generate future income.  

Of the 88p spent on international development, emergencies, campaigning, and education work, the breakdown is the following: 

  • 50p is spent to fund our international programmes work;
  • 29p is spent on emergencies;
  • 5p is spent on advocacy and campaigning;
  • 4p is spent on UK education development.

How a £1 donation breaks down

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