Policy and research: Church and development

CAFOD policy and research papers on faith and development.

Key areas of work

Through our work on church and development, CAFOD is seeking to influence how the UK government understands and works with faith actors throughout international diplomacy, development and humanitarian work by: 

  • developing long-term partnerships with faith actors
  • consulting and developing programmes with local faith actors
  • resourcing and supporting faith actors where they can play a distinctive role, such as in peacebuilding, changing social norms, humanitarian response, deepening democracy and accompanying the poorest and marginalised communities as they tackle unjust systems and structures.    

Faith and religious practice are central to most people’s lives in the Global South. Religious institutions are at the heart of society - the cornerstones of the community - with a long reach into even the most remote communities. Religious leaders hold people’s trust and often have authority and influence where state and local officials do not. 

Therefore, understanding the role of faith and faith-based organisations is central to effective development and humanitarian response, and to building mutually beneficial partnership across a wide range of issues and actors.

Key documents

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