Alem Assefa with crops

Our irrigation project is helping families in drought-prone northern Ethiopia grow food despite the dry conditions.

Around a quarter of Ethiopia's 95 million population are living in extreme poverty. The country is faced with frequent droughts and food shortages.

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Most Ethiopians rely on farming and cattle-herding to feed their families and make a living. But increasing droughts, irregular rains and poor soil caused by overgrazing and deforestation mean crops and livestock are suffering, and over 10 million people don't have enough food and water.

CAFOD works with our sister agencies Trocaire and SCIAF in Ethiopia, to reduce the burden on our local partners and ensure we are as effective as possible in our work there. Currently we are:

  • helping to improve long-term farming conditions
  • supporting people living with HIV and community building
  • providing emergency food rations to malnourished children, pregnant women, and new mothers
  • supplying herding communities with water and animal feed.

Please donate to our Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal

I had been depending on farming for my income before, now I can see beekeeping as a viable option. I have a plan to install up to 30 beehives and expand it to a big business. I want to build a better house and lead a better life. Those who support this project deserve big appreciation. They are a reason for changes in mine and other peoples' lives.

Kocho Wato

Kocho Wato

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