Maralal diocese

The Maralal diocese in Kenya celebrate their faith

Although Kenya is a largely agricultural country, fertile land is scarce. Competition for resources often leads to conflict and environmental damage as land is overused.

Kenya has a lot of potential for growth through trade and tourism, but bad governance and corruption are worsening inequality and conflict.

In 2007, violence broke out because of disputed elections, causing huge numbers of people to lose their homes. Because these political conflicts weren't solved, Kenya has been set back on its path to development.

Our regional office in Nairobi works with church partners to tackle corruption head-on, and support communities facing recurring drought, a changing climate, and living with HIV.

East Africa Crisis

Kenya was badly hit by the 2011 East Africa drought. Our partners have been helping people cope by handing out emergency food, launching cash for work projects that allow people to earn a decent wage, and helping communities conserve the water that they have.

Ayapan, a great-grandmother living in the village of Pargati in north-west Kenya, used to consider herself rich. Eight years ago, her family owned 2,000 cattle. Today, after a series of devastating droughts, they have none at all.

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Hands On Kitui

Over the last two years people from the diocese of Kitui in south eastern Kenya have been working with CAFOD and our local partners to build a reliable, clean water system. They were helped by thousands of CAFOD supporters who got hands on with Kitui, pledging their support and providing the community with the tools, trees and training they needed to get to work.

Read about how land and lives have been transformed through Hands On Kitui

I used to have to walk for three hours to collect water from a river. Now there is plenty of water in the nearby wells for drinking and washing.


Stella at her farm

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