Hamani lives in the world's poorest country, Niger. Whenever he has a large harvest, he will share food with his neighbours. But times are hard and droughts have destroyed his crops.

Niger is the largest country in Western Africa. Around 80 percent of it is covered by the Sahara desert and the non-desert parts frequently suffer droughts and food shortages.

People in Niger can't rely on a health system like the one our amazing NHS provides to us in England and Wales. The spread of coronavirus through families and communities will be devastating. We are in touch constantly with our local experts on the ground so that we are ready to support them with whatever they need to protect lives.

Through our local experts, you are helping refugee families and those without enough to eat, who are even more vulnerable to coronavirus:

• Running nutrition centres for malnourished children

• Paying people in cash or food to work on projects that benefit their communities

• Providing low cost grain and giving food to the most vulnerable.

• Organising seed fairs, so that farmers can get seeds to plant in the next farming season.

• Supporting refugees who have fled from conflict in Libya and Mali.

Imam Boukary

"We didn't have to leave our village in previous seasons, because we managed to harvest some beans. This year there was nothing. I am very attached to my village and there is no way we woudl have left it if we hadn't been forced to. If my wife finds some food, she prepares it for us, but it's only one meal a day anyway. If there's nothing, we don't eat."

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