Girls at the Dereig camp in Darfur

Girls hurry to a CAFOD-funded school in Dereig camp in Darfur. Millions of people have fled their homes because of conflict.

The people of Sudan have suffered from a series of long and bloody civil wars. Since South Sudan became independent in July 2011, maintenance of the peace between the two nations has been fragile.

Meanwhile, in the west of Sudan, continuing conflict in Darfur has driven more than two million people from their homes and is estimated to have killed more than 300,000 since 2004. Today, the continued volatility of the region means that most of those living in camps are unable to return to their land or rebuild their villages.

CAFOD in Sudan

We have been supporting projects in Darfur since 2004 as part of a major emergency programme organised by the two main international church-based networks, Caritas Internationalis and Action by Churches Together Alliance. The programme is a lifeline for half a million people, providing water and sanitation, health clinics, treatment for malnutrition, education, and support for people in making a living.

We are also supporting children whose families have been displaced by fighting in other parts of the country. We are helping to provide emergency education, and support for local families in making a living.

Watch this film from 2013 which shows some of the work CAFOD has been supporting in Darfur in the 10 years since the beginning of the conflict between a range of rebel movements, government-backed militias and the Sudanese armed forces.


Read about the lives of Rawia, Mohammed and Amina - three Sudanese people who live in refugee camps in Darfur.

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