CAFOD's work in Asia

CAFOD has worked in Asia since the 1970’s. Today we work in countries across the South and South East of the region.

In some parts of Asia poverty has been significantly reduced. But there are still many communities which CAFOD works with that face severe poverty, continued inequality and social injustice. The region is frequently hit by large natural disasters and is exposed to the impacts of climate change, affecting the poorest and most marginalized.

Additionally, some countries and communities have experienced significant and prolonged violence. We work alongside both secular and faith-based partners to:

  • Tackle poverty by helping people make a living and provide for their families;
  • Support citizens and marginalized groups to be involved and have a say in the political decisions that affect them;
  • Help communities to be better prepared and cope with the impacts of climate change and natural disasters such as floods, cyclones and earthquakes;
  • Protect the environment and ensure its natural resources are managed in an ethical and sustainable way;
  • Promote peaceful, non-violent societies and support reconciliation;
  • Provide access to clean and safe water.

You can help today by setting up a direct debit to fund our emergency response work.

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