Yong Va received a loan from our partner

Yong Va makes and sells rice cakes, thanks to a loan from our partner Salvation Centre Cambodia.

Why CAFOD works here

Almost a third of Cambodia’s 14 million people live on less than half a US dollar a day.

Spiraling inflation has caused sharp rises in the cost of food, and property investors have forced many poor communities from their homes and land, leaving them with no way to grow food or make a living. Healthcare services and education are inadequate and Cambodia depends greatly on overseas aid. Although Cambodia is rich in natural resources such as oil, gas and timber, exploitation of these is devastating the environment, and widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

Our work in Cambodia

CAFOD has been working in Cambodia since 1980 and continues to support poor and vulnerable communities through:

  • Increasing the voice of the poorest in decision making and influencing social change

  • Supporting rural communities, including indigenous people, to protect and manage their forests and to increase food supply and income through sustainable farming for better livelihoods.

  • Supporting rural communities to improve their access to water supplies, sanitation and hygiene facilities and behaviours.

Yong Va, 71, lives in the community of Samrong Mean Chey. She makes and sells rice cakes, thanks to a loan from our partner Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC).

I joined a group set up by SCC and they gave me a loan of £50, which I used to buy pots and pans and ingredients to make my cakes. I don’t have to pay interest on the loan, and this means I can save some money each month for the future. I hope the people who support CAFOD have a long life. May God bless you.”

Vong Va

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