Occupied Palestinian territory and Israel

Israeli Arab and Jewish workers march together on International Women's Day.

Israeli Arab and Jewish workers march together on Women’s International Day. Their banner says “Women demand fair employment and social justice".

During his visit to the Holy Land, Pope Francis spoke of the “insecurity, the violation of rights, isolation and the flight of entire communities” and declared that “the time has come to put an end to this situation which has become increasingly unacceptable.”  At the same time he strongly condemned violence and terrorism, and called for peaceful coexistence between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and an end to all forms of discrimination based on race or religion.

Read CAFOD's statement on the annexation of the West Bank

CAFOD in occupied Palestinian territory and Israel

CAFOD is working with Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular partners in occupied Palestinian territory and Israel to:

  • mitigate disruption to Palestinian families’ daily lives in the West Bank, especially through legal challenges to house demolition, land confiscation and violent attacks
  • help poor families in Gaza meet basic needs and improve their coping strategies
  • defend the human dignity of migrant workers and asylum seekers
  • support Arab Israeli women to secure fair employment and lift their families out of poverty
  • support young people to develop their talents, engage actively in society, and work confidently and constructively to promote freedom of expression and respectful dialogue
  • stand in solidarity with all Israelis and Palestinians working for peace with justice.


"The majority of house demolitions are conducted for 'Administrative' reasons and are generally because the house was built without a permit. However permits are almost impossible to obtain by Palestinians living in almost 60 percent of the West Bank.

There are two things that make me continue this work. Firstly it’s the feeling that my work is welcomed by people and is useful to them. The second is working with a committed team who share my responsibility. Through my work I can make change.  I feel lucky to have this opportunity."

Issam, Project Coordinator, JLAC.

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