The civil war in Syria has lasted 11 years, devastating lives and forcing millions to flee to refugee camps. With millions of Syrians also dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, CAFOD is still reaching the most vulnerable people, ensuring they have emergency food, water and safe places to stay.

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Why CAFOD works in Syria

The civil war in Syria means that millions of people are vulnerable.

Now, as the entire world responds to the coronavirus pandemic, Syrians brace for yet another disaster on top of the destruction and enormous need caused by these years of conflict.

Fighting the virus inside Syria is especially challenging. Widespread shelling has destroyed whole cities, meaning millions have fled to overcrowded camps, where poor access to healthcare and clean water make it difficult for people to practice social distancing or proper handwashing.

Our work in Syria

The coronavirus pandemic has made relief efforts even more difficult, but through our local experts, we are focusing on essential humanitarian services while ensuring the health and safety of staff, volunteers and communities are prioritised.

Our local experts are giving emergency support and essential hygiene kits to vulnerable families who are within Syria itself but also in Lebanon and Jordan.

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