Syria Crisis Response (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey)

A father sits on the floor alongside three of his children

Majid is a shepherd who fled to another city in Syria after the conflict reached his hometown.

The civil war in Syria is having a devastating effect on the lives of millions of people.

How did the war in Syria start?

On 15 March 2011, a small group of demonstrators in Damascus staged a protest against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. Within days, the protests had spread, and some demonstrators had been shot by government forces.

Since then, the conflict has escalated beyond recognition. Today Syria is embroiled in an ongoing civil war, where the death toll is estimated to be as high as 511,000 as of March 2018.

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More than 11.5 million people have been forced from their homes, including 6.2 million internally displaced people and 5.3 million people registered as refugees in neighbouring countries. An estimated 11.7 million people within Syria are in need of humanitarian aid.

The situation in Syria is perhaps the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

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What is CAFOD doing?

Our work in Syria

We have been working with local church partners in Syria since early 2012, ensuring that people affected by the crisis have food, relief supplies and safe places to stay, and are able to rebuild their homes.

Our work in Jordan

In Jordan we are working with partners to provide Syrian refugees with humanitarian relief items, healthcare, education and livelihood services.

Our work in Lebanon

In Lebanon we are working with partners to provide education, healthcare, emergency assistance to help pay rent, safe shelters for survivors of gender-based violence, bridge-building projects for Syrian and Lebanese youth, empowerment programmes for women, and trauma counselling for children.

We have also supported refugees in Turkey and Iraq.

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