26 things you can do about the climate crisis

A lemon tree

Lemons growing in the Amazon.

Here are 26 green ideas – from simple, practical steps to crucial goals to shoot for – to show the world you're serious about protecting the planet.

1. Keep COP26 on track

COP26 – the UN’s annual conference on climate-related issues – is taking place in Glasgow this November. We have a vital opportunity to encourage world leaders to truly listen to climate experts and commit to making genuine, lasting change.

As we plan a post-Covid world, let’s tackle the other challenges to Earth - our common home.

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2. Wash clothes in cold water

Studies show that washing in cold water is just as effective and uses far less energy.

3. Retro is in, so reuse your old clothes

Could you challenge yourself to buy no new clothes for 12 months and help reduce the carbon footprint of fast fashion?

4. Upcycle your furniture

Give your old sofas, chairs and tables a brand new shabby chic look - upcycled pizzaz!

5. Insulate your home

In a poorly insulated home, 25 per cent of your heat is lost through the roof before you even feel it.

6. Make your money work for the planet

Switch to an ethical bank or building society that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels.

7. Tell people this one brutal fact about water scarcity

One in three people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water.

See how we're putting an end to water poverty

8. Plant your own vegetable garden, or start a community garden

You'll save money, eat more healthily and get to know your neighbours better!

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9. Save our rainforests

The Amazon rainforest, and the people who live there, are under threat from logging and land clearances. Why not raise money with your friends to buy a virtual charity gift that will help local people protect and restore the forest?

Buy a charity gift to protect the rainforest

10. Eat less meat

Could you go veggie for a day a week? How about a whole week or even longer? Eating less meat is good for the environment and will help to tackle the climate crisis.

Use our planet-friendly recipes

11. Reduce your food waste

12. In fact, reduce your everything waste!

The UK produces more than 100 million tonnes of waste every year. One tonne is about the weight of a small car.

Find ways to turn your trash into cash!

13. Don’t drink bottled water

In fact, there are many more steps we can all take to live without so much plastic, and most of them are very easy to do and require practically no effort.

Go plastic-free

14. Stay grounded

One flight can produce more carbon dioxide than the average person in many countries does in a year. See if you can go without flying this year, and take your holidays by train or boat instead.

15. Protect the coral reefs

Warmer air and ocean temperatures cause coral bleaching, where corals lose their beautiful colour and die – and when they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

16. Walk or cycle everywhere you can

Is there anything better for your mind, body and soul?

Top tips for making your travel green

17. Get a train, bus or tram for longer journeys

Car pollution is a major factor in the climate crisis so using public transport still makes a massive difference.

Campaigners holding placards at a climate change march in Poland

CAFOD placards at the march for our climate during COP24 in Poland.

18. March with us for climate action

We will be joining millions of people across the world who will be out in London marching for climate justice on Saturday 6 November.

Join the Global Day of Action for the Climate

19. Assure clean air for all

Pollution, particularly in urban environments, is having a serious effect on our health. Air pollution can lead to asthma, heart disease and lung disease.

20. Won’t somebody please think of the coffee?!

Coffee producers around the world are seeing reduced harvests because of the rapidly changing and unstable climate.

21. Use those bags for life

Or buy a charity tote bag to carry your shopping home in style!

22. Be a proud environmentalist

Don’t be afraid to speak to people about the importance of caring for our common home. Your voice has power.

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By donating today, you can stand alongside communities like Ivanilde’s as they care for the earth.

23. Support our Climate Crisis Appeal

Help support the world’s poorest people living on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

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24. Keep the pressure on the fossil fuel industry

The UK government announced that it would end support for fossil fuels overseas ahead of the Climate Ambition Summit in December 2020 but concerns remain that financial support might still be given to some gas projects.

25. Come together to combat the climate crisis

The village of Ashton Hayes in Cheshire didn’t need government help, special technology or extra funding - over the last decade neighbours worked together to change behaviours, reduced their energy usage and achieved a 24 per cent reduction in emissions.

26. Keep politicians out of wellies!

Rising global temperatures means increased flooding, even here in the UK. Let’s make sure things don’t get any worse so we don’t have to see even more politicians hunting for photo opportunities in flooded villages.

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