Your carbon footprint

In his encyclical Laudato Si', Pope Francis calls on us all to make simple daily gestures to care for the world’s poorest people, for future generations and for the earth, our common home. This is an opportunity to live wisely, think deeply and love generously.

Where will you start? 

At home, I will…

Laudato Si' calls us to turn off unnecessary lights

Action 1:Cut down how much energy I use. Turn off lights, switch to LED lights and don’t leave appliances on standby. This could save you between £45 and £80 a year! 

Energy fact

Our homes produce almost 25% of the UK’s polluting carbon emissions.

Action 2: Switch my energy supplier to a green energy provider. 

Action 3: Insulate my loft or give my house a complete green makeover. More advice from the Energy Saving Trust. 

PARISH ACTION: We will do an energy audit of our buildings. Be part of The Big Church Switch

Out and about, I will…

Laudato Si' calls on us to use more public transport

Action 1: Have a car-free day each week or share lifts.

Energy fact

Transport accounts for approximately 23% of the all energy used in the UK.

Action 2: Make my next holiday a ‘staycation’. Forgo the flights and visit some of the beautiful places the UK has to offer.

Action 3: Start cycling. You’ll reduce your impact on the planet, save money on commuting and improve your health.

PARISH ACTION: We will hold a ‘Walk to church Sunday’.

On my own, I will…

The climate is for all

Action 1 Spend an hour outside, appreciating the gift of creation. See the livesimply garden CAFOD supporters in Leeds created

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.

Psalm 24:1

Action 2 Spend some time in reflection.
Download our Laudato Si' study guide and our climate reflections

Action 3 Stand with thousands of others fasting for action on climate change on the first of each month, and call on the UK government to support access to renewable energy overseas.

PARISH ACTION:We will remember our global neighbours in our prayers and give thanks for the earth we share. We will use the Power to be guided liturgy and reflection in our parish to reflect on how renewable energy access can tackle poverty and climate change.

Share these tips and tell us how you’re playing your part:

 Download our Encyclical guide to share these ideas with your parish.

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