Take action on the climate crisis

We want to thank you for all you’ve done to raise your voices, to demand action from our leaders on the climate crisis, and to help reclaim our common home.

COP26 might have drawn to a close, but we know that the work to care for our common home goes on. There’s still so much to do.

Latest climate news

East Africa crisis is part of a broken global food system

16 June 2022

The food crisis in East Africa has not happened by chance. It is the result of a global food system that was already broken.

Alexander Ugoh at COP26

Why our food system isn't working

3 May 2022

Alexander Ugoh, 19, a young campaigner who joined the COP26 CAFOD delegation, tells us why our new Fix the Food System campaign is vital to addressing the climate crisis.

The IPCC land report says we need to protect land to tackle climate change

IPCC report: "A rapidly closing window of opportunity"

28 February 2022

A report by UN scientists has confirmed that the impacts of the climate crisis are affecting the world’s poorest communities the most.

Pray for our common home

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