Speak up about climate change

Luke Pollard MP meets with Simon Giarchi and Iain Stewart for Speak Up Week of Action 2017

As part of the Speak Up Week of Action 2017, Plymouth MP Luke Pollard (centre) meets with Sustainable Earth Institute Director Professor Iain Stewart and CAFOD's Simon Giarchi at a local campaigning event to talk about tackling climate change. 

This summer, as part of The Climate Coalition's Speak Up Week, people gathered all over the UK speak to MPs on climate change and how we need to get serious about cutting carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. From coffee mornings to street parties, people started the conversation in some very creative ways.

If you missed Speak Up Week, you still have a chance to write or speak to your MP about this important issue that affects our sisters and brothers overseas. It is your opportunity to make sure that the concerns of the world’s poorest people are on your MP’s agenda.

Get inspired by last year's Week of Action events

If you want to get in touch with your MP, it's easy. 

Want to meet your MP? Here's what you do:

  • Find out who your MP is and contact their office to set a date. Find out who your MP is and how to contact them by calling the House of Commons enquiry line on 020 7219 4272 or visiting theyworkforyou.com. Get in touch with their office to set a date and time for your visit. Most MPs hold surgeries once a week.
  • Nervous about going on your own? Bring a friend! Get others from your parish to join by advertising on your noticeboard with this amendable poster
  • Always be prepared. Prepare the conversation with your MP with our handy MP briefing. Find out if your MP is already committed to net zero carbon emissions, then use this meeting as a chance to thank them for it - maybe bring up a local environmental issue while you're there?
  • After the meeting: Take photos with your MP and share it with local press using this press release template. Let us know it happened, too! Email us at mpc@cafod.org.uk and tell us how it went.

Or write to your MP:

If you aren't sure you can meet with your MP, you can still ask her to support a commitment to net zero using the Climate Coalition's template letters. You can email mpc@cafod.org.uk to let us know whether or not you hear from them. 

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