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Wind farm at sunset

Pope Francis asks us all to take responsibility for our common home. 

Caring for our common home and our global neighbours starts in our own homes and in our own neighbourhoods. Each of our everyday choices, including the energy we use, shows the kind of world we want to create.

In 2015, Catholic communities across the world joined the global campaign for action on climate change, which pushes our sisters and brothers overseas into poverty and destroys our common home.

World leaders listened to us. And they agreed to switch direction: away from fossil fuels, the biggest cause of climate change, and towards renewable energy.

Now, we need to turn that commitment into action. You can also take action at home to ensure we tackle climate change.

We can show our governments that people are ready to switch. They – and we – must act now to cut carbon emissions and create a brighter future. There’s no time to lose.

Join us – switch your home energy to renewables

More and more energy companies are starting to offer renewable energy and thousands of people have already switched. We've partnered with one of them, 100% renewable energy company Ecotricity, to offer green electricity and green gas to CAFOD supporters.

  • All Ecotricity’s profits are invested in new sources of renewable energy.
  • Ecotricity gives £40 towards CAFOD's work with the world’s poorest communities, the kind of communities who we know suffer most as a result of climate change. If you switch electricity and gas, it’s £60. Join the 150 people who switched to Ecotricity with CAFOD during 2016.
  • Ecotricity have topped the Which? Best Energy Company survey for two out of the last three years.
  • Ecotricity’s ethical pricing policy means you always get their latest best price, no matter how much you pay or when you switched, with no exit fees or penalties. 

Find out more about CAFOD’s partnership with Ecotricity

Join us by switching your home energy to renewables

Already switched to renewable energy?

That’s great news. Please tweet about why you’ve switched using #powertoswitch and @CAFOD. This helps spread the word and show the government that we’re ready for renewables. And, of course, do encourage your friends to switch, too.

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