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Here are our top tips for living more simply – we’re here to support you taking steps to a greener lifestyle, finding more time to reflect and providing practical help to those in need.

LiveSimply members in Leeds were awarded the LiveSimply award for their efforts to create a greener Parish.

LiveSimply members in Leeds were awarded the LiveSimply award for their efforts to create a greener Parish.

Choose to livesimply this new year

1. Get inspired by our amazing young climate leaders and stand with them in prayer, solidarity and action in this crucial year.

2. Make reduce, reuse and recycle your new year’s mantra – you can cook with leftovers, try buy less plastic and recycle your ink cartridges and batteries.

3. Make a resolution to volunteer – homeless shelters often need volunteers in January and your local CAFOD office will also have a variety of volunteer roles you could take on.

4. Sign up to our campaigners e-news to receive news about how to get involved with our campaigns, plus other simple ways you can help save lives.

5. Give any unwanted Christmas gifts you received to a charity shop, or sell them on eBay with the funds you raise coming to us.

6. Turn off the telly and take the family on a winter’s day walk. Phones are banned in favour of robin spotting!

7. If you are booking holidays or the year ahead, consider a staycation to limit your carbon footprint and browse holiday websites using Give as you Live so that a percentage of your spend helps poor communities – at no cost to you!

8. Make a donation to help families living through emergencies made worse by climate change. Donate towards the urgent food crisis in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

9. Wear an extra layer so that you can turn down the thermostat at home (and ask if you can at work) to save energy.

10. Our busy lives can leave little time for contemplation. Sign up to receive our weekly reflection emails on the Sunday gospels, as a chance to pause and reflect.

With your parish

1. Say the livesimply prayers and sing the livesimply hymn at Mass

2. Collect coats, toiletries and shoes for local homeless people.

3. Save energy at church - use energy saving light bulbs, insulate your church and parish hall, turn down the thermostat.

4. Provide green tips of the week for your parish newsletter or notice board – use some of the ones we’ve suggested here!

5. Organise a Laudato Si study group with our guide or hold a ‘Rich man, Poor man’ meal to highlight injustice in global food systems.

6. Choose Fairtrade tea and coffee for cuppas after Mass – and do the washing up with environmentally friendly products!

7. Stand in solidarity with young people in Colombia through our Hands On scheme.

8. Start a gardening club with others in your parish, hold a seed or sapling swap or create a garden at your church.

9. Become a collection point for your local food bank

10. Start working towards our LiveSimply award! We’ll support you with an email group, resources and the opportunity to share ideas and experience.

With your family

1. Plant a tree overseas to celebrate your child’s birthday, Baptism or First Holy Communion.

2. Compost your kitchen waste.

3. Have a meat free day once a week.

4. Put out bird feeders, buy a bat box, or create hedgehog hotel.

5. Walk to church on Sunday, or school during the week. If your church or school are too far away for that to be practical, try to organise car shares.

6. Inspire children and young people as a schools volunteer and giving a climate justice assembly at your children’s school.

7. Grow your own fruit, vegetables or herbs. With any surplus you could make soup, chutney, jams and cakes and sell them to raise funds for our work fighting climate change!

8. Set up a sling, uniform or toy library with other families in your parish or school community

9. Teach your children to ride a bike! This life skill will help reduce your whole family’s impact on the planet.

10. Eat a simple meal with your family and donate what you save to other families in need. We’ve chosen our favourite soup recipes to inspire you!

On your own

1. Become an MP correspondent and we’ll support you in lobbying your MP to put people and planet at the heart of their decisions.

2. Challenge yourself to an ‘unplugged’ day – without your phone, TV or radio.

3. Take out a regular gift and help families on the front line of climate change by joining our Emergency Response Team.

4. Switch to a renewable energy provider.

5. Ask for donations to support poor communities, or a selection of World Gifts instead of presents for your next birthday.

6. Carry a reusable water bottle to cut down on single use plastics.

7. Sign our petition demanding that the government act urgently to tackle the climate crisis.

8. Buy a World Gifts tote bag to limit the plastic bags you use when shopping.

9. Buy your next new outfit from a charity shop, or organise a swishing party to swap clothes with your friends.

10. Sign up to our prayer emails and spend time each week reflecting on the gospel.

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