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We believe in tackling the causes of poverty. Campaign with CAFOD on issues such as the global food system, the climate emergency, cancelling debt and human rights. Get involved today!

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Fix the food system

Fix the food system

The global food system is broken. It doesn’t work for those who work the hardest – small farmers – and it’s a major driver of the climate emergency.

Cancel the Debt

Cancel the debt

Zambia is in the middle of a huge debt crisis. Yet Blackrock, one of the country’s biggest lenders, refused Zambia’s request to suspend debt repayments during the pandemic.

A woman sitting on the branch of a tree next to a stream

Human rights defenders

We're urging the government to introduce a new law that will hold UK companies to account when their activities lead to human rights and environmental abuses.

Hundreds of CAFOD supporters joined the marches to call for COP26 leaders to take action and 'keep 1.5C alive'

COP26 summit

The COP26 climate summit in Glasgow ended with agreements that came up short for people in the world's most vulnerable communities.

Latest campaigning news

Five facts about the world food crisis

8 July 2022

The current global food crisis is affecting millions of families around the world, but you can help to stop it turning into one of the worst humanitarian tragedies we’ve ever seen.

CAFOD supporters have been campaigning for a global vaccine roll-out since the start of the pandemic

G7 2022: More to be done for global vaccine roll-out

29 June 2022

G7 leaders failed to set out the action needed to rapidly roll out vaccines in low-income countries.

A mine in Peru

The impact of mining in Peru on health and communities

29 June 2022

Mining has taken place in Espinar, Peru, for over 40 years. The environmental, economic and health impacts for the people who live there have been huge.

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