It’s time to #CancelTheDebt

Cancel the debt campaigner collage

Campaigners across England and Wales are calling on world leaders to #CancelTheDebt to ensure everyone has a safe, sustainable recovery from COVID-19.

Coronavirus is causing devastation right across the world.

Many of the world’s poorest nations are not only dealing with this health emergency but are also facing unimaginable financial hardship as a result of the global economic slowdown.

We know that the quickest way to deal with this worrying financial outlook is to keep money in developing countries by cancelling debt payments now.

Add your voice

Between now and October, we want you to send us a photo of you creatively displaying the words Cancel The Debt. We’re collecting photos of supporters from across England and Wales, and we will put your photos together in October to send a message to world leaders that it’s time to #CancelTheDebt.

How to get involved

  • Take a selfie, or ask a friend to take a photo of you creatively displaying the words “Cancel The Debt”.
  • If possible, show where you are based eg by a town or street sign, or notable feature.
  • Share your image on Twitter and use the hashtag #CancelTheDebt. Be sure to tag @cafod so we can find your photos!
  • If you have some extra time, also consider sharing your image on Facebook and Instagram using the #CancelTheDebt hashtag.
  • If you don’t have a social media account, email your photo to us at
  • Inspire others by sharing your photo with friends and family.

By adding your face and voice, you can show that debt isn’t something the international community will stand for.


By sending CAFOD your photos by email, or by sharing your photo and tagging CAFOD on social media, you are agreeing to the display of your photo. We will share your photo with campaign targets in October. Your photo will not be used for any reason other than for this campaign and CAFOD will never share your details for marketing.  

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